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 Known as amiramasri. or choops.

Gadis Semasa


With Yunalis Zarai!
Okay, so maybe I'm not that short. HAHA.

Catch a grenade for me, will you?

Cyberview Lodge, 021110.
"I nak makan dekat Cyberview sendiri? Haha tu dah naik gila sangat kot,"

Dear Haters,
Thank you for all the messages you've sent me via Formspring. Now I know what people actually think of me. I'll try my best to be a better person.

Dear Admirers,
Thank you for developing a small admiration towards me. I swear I felt appreciated whenever I read your 'confessions' and whatnot. But it's a rather sad thing that I don't know who you are or we could've be best friends! I need more of these people in my life.

Dear Perverts,
You should not be bothering me because I have nothing to show. Literally.

Dear Friends,
Why must we communicate through Formspring? It's not a two-way communication and it occasionally pisses me off.

Dear Facebook friends who decided to go anon,
Please don't give me a hard time figuring who the heck you might be. For your information, the probability of me getting the correct answer is 1 in 910.

Thank you, don't forget to spam my formspring ask box!



One might wonder who she might be.
She's Yunalis Zarai, a Law graduate from UiTM.

Few hours back, she actually came to my university for a live acoustic session! Yes, she's the very person who has won so many awards, travelled to so many places just to spread her love of music, and inspired many people to pursue their dreams despite what they were expected to do.

I knew her since late 2008 (I think?) when I first heard Deeper Conversations. It took me a while to actually love the song because I found it rather freaky at first, but it managed to grew on me. Then somehow she was a source of inspiration for me to actually start learning the guitar, but I gave up halfway (now that's a different story to be told, maybe next time). I remembered travelling all the way to +wondermilk just to get her EP, only to find out that it was sold out. And, at that time, I seemed to be losing track of her. Thank god the recent event was held; it was like a calling once more for me to check her new music.

Her newest album, Decorate was actually better than her EP (ugh-but-then!) and I specifically like her English-titled tracks since it's got a nice melody to each of the song. She came with very simple pieces but somehow, they managed to catch everyone's attention definitely. I'd never expect her to be really tall (173 cm) and she was also really skinny (like me, MUAHAHAHA). She sang a total of 6 tracks, but Mars and I (went there with Farah, Mars and Dhirah) was a bit disheartened because she didn't play Deeper Conversations, the very track that made me fall in love with her music. The singing session ended around 9.30 pm and since Farhan wanted a signed tee shirt, Farah and I had to rush to the booth to get them shirts. And I felt appreciative when it was our turn for the photography session. It was a really long line, and we were almost at the end of the line. She still showed the brightest smile eventhough we were one of the few last people behind. That made me really look up to her. And that was also when it hit me that she's a really down-to-earth person. She's definitely not one of the stereotypes - the spoilt, brattish famous people who only talked to their kind. Even I can't top that. Wow, Mira, guess it's time for you to start being like her.


Whenever you're sitting at the same table with Farhan, never ever let your phone loose.
Look at how he spent my credit on - I swear I didn't even send that!
I feel violated.

Oh, Farah, nak gambaaaaaar ;)
Pictures will be uploaded once Mars and Farah upload them.
I should've thought deeper and bring Magoo to campus this week. Sheesh.

p.s. I've activated my Blogger account! I miss Blogger ): Catch me there once it's updated!

So maybe you are alone, after all.

Whenever I feel depressed, I make stuff like this.
It's a good pastime.

Say what you need to say

Thank youuuuuu dear ;)

Why can't you let it go?

You gorgeous man.

One of my pet peeves would probably be when my works are stolen/plagiarised/used without my permission. Like really, my works are purely out of my efforts and creativity, and I think I deserved credit for that. I'm not even asking for any sort of payment because whatever I do is out of my entertainment and passion for creating digital art. So, really, if you're one of the people who purposely used any graphics of mine without a single credit or even permission, I'd like to tell you guys to go fuck yourselves but um, I don't like you.


I'd kill anyone if they're going to take this without my permission.
Because this 300x150 banner is probably one of the best I've done so far.

"I'm your boy, you're my girl,"

If I could, I'd make annotations for every single photo.
But it's gonna get annoying for your own good.

Okay. If you know me well, I don't do mornings. I am not a morning person, I just hate waking up in the morning. And to think that I don't even have hot water to shower with. My morning started off bad. So, I decided to text my favourite guy friend F (LOL you know who you are) just to complain because I'm a complainer like that (Ehem, this is not a sarcastic statement. I'm stating this based on someone's words. Ehem.). And I totally forgot that he's going to accompany me to Alamanda today for some shopping. Sigh, you're such a sweetie, you really are! But let's just ignore the fact that I always feel like I'm a burden yeah.

Dribble it right, sir!

Yesterday was probably my.... fifth/sixth (?) time visiting the rugby field. He asked me to watch him play and I had to bring my boyfriend (Magoo, my D3000) along. It was straight after my English class with Ms. E. Marshall. Honestly speaking, I was already tired and sleepy by that time, since I had a four hour break before that. It's really stupid. How can anyone be so cruel and arrange a four hour break just like that? But anyway, I spent my late evening on the field, watching them practice for the upcoming league which will start on November 1st (heads up, girls!). So, we had a few drinks over at the terminal after that, and I came back home at around 8.15 pm. And I don't see the relevance of blogging about this. Mira, why are you like this.


"What are you, trippin'?!" - Erin Gruwell

Ms. Marshall decided to conduct a movie screening yesterday during class. I was glad that she decided to screen The Freedom Writers than any other random movie (the previous class had Clash of The Titans, THANK GOD CAUSE THAT BORES ME TO DEATH). Okay, there may be no extreme action or CGI effects or 3D objects popping out of the screen, but I felt that it was a good screenplay. The message behind the storyline is only to highlight a few themes we Malaysians should take concern of: racism, social drawbacks, poverty. Whoever created the rule that just because you're not white, you can't enter AP classes? Whoever said that just because you're not in one of the highlighted social classes, you have no rights to social security? Whoever said that just because you're not as blessed as others, you deserved to be bullied like that? Well, these are the questions I'd loved to highlight.

... and one of the reasons I like this movie because the review on it is going to be easy. I can't imagining myself writing a review on Clash of the Titans. Seriously.
Breakfast at 10.30 with V, Alamanda at 2.00-ish with F! Don't miss me too much!

Dear you whom I promised a post on,
You know who you are.Collapse )


I really think you came on the right timing, right when I felt miserable and depressed of myself. Right when I was terribly lonely, and I had no one to refer to. My true friends were far away, and I do not want to go to the topic of existing friends in the university. I used to loathe staying in my hostel because really, I felt as though my presence is unwelcomed and sometimes unnoticed. My classmates are my actual friends, and it's a sad thing that they're not always there for me (I mean, I can't blame them for that since they live off campus). To be honest, I've considered moving out of my hostel without my parents' consent because at some point, I just can't fucking handle it anymore. I thought I had no friends at all. But all of it changed now when Allah S.W.T. showed me that it's not the end of the world yet. Yes, it can be cruel and unfair at times, but I always see hope at the end of the tunnel. So when you decided to become my friend, honestly, you made my life the very least bearable as of right now. No one else would hear my constant complaints unlike you, and you never questioned my weaknesses. I know I can be a pain in the butt sometimes (especially when you had to drive me around) but I really appreciated it. So yeah, thank you for willing to be a friend of mine. I'm not that great of a person, but again... terima kasih la ye (:

p.s. On a side note, to l_hyunkyo , I'm sorry I haven't been contacting you for quite a while. But it seems very selfish of me to be bothering you when your finals are near. But ilabyuuuuu still!

Because I Rock.

So, how Asian are you?
[x] Both of your parents are from Asia
[ ] You use the term “Azn”
[ ] You think DDR is fun
[ ] You’ve watched lots of anime
[x] You like Korean dramas
[x]You have stuff hanging on your phone
[x] Your parents want you to marry within your own race
[x] You drink lemon tea

So Far: 5

[x] You style your hair , NOT with gel
[x] You have a meebo / myspace / friendster / facebook
[x] You speak languages other than English
[x] Your parents are strict
[x]Your parents have high expectations of you
[x] You always get A’s/B’s on your report
[x] You do Chemistry/Biology/Physics/

[x] You know your multiplication table
[x] You play badminton or table tennis
[x] You’ve seen the Asian version The Ring and/or The Grudge

So Far: 15

[ ] You own an Asian car
[x] You’re not the only child
[x] You’ve gotten little red envelopes around February
[x] You know the difference between kung fu, karate and tae kwon do.
[ ] ( girl ) You prefer white guys over asian guys( guy ) You prefer asian girls
[x]Your mother tries to bargain even though the product is already discounted (she goes for sales)
[ ] You can do the rubiks cube
[x] You play video games

So Far: 20

[x] Every time you’re going out, your parents ask you where you’re going and what time you’ll be home
[ ] You have karaoke at home
[x] You know BoA/Gazette/Ayumi Hamasaki/Gackt
[x ] You’ve been to a www.tumblr.coms
[ ] You have incense sticks in your house
[x] You own a gaming console
[ ] You play a musical instrument
[x] You get nothing if you do well in school

So Far: 25

[x] Your parents won’t let you go out if you have school the next day
[x] You have Asian Songs on your computer or iPod
[x]You don’t like football
[x] You have a curfew
[x] You know what ulzzang/tb means
[x] You know what purikura is
[x] You like bubble tea
[ ] Your parents bought you shoes many sizes too big so you can “grow into it” and wear it for years to come
[ ] You’ve played final fantasy
[ ] You believe in fortune cookies

So Far: 32

[x] You get mostly “No“‘s when you ask your parents for permission for something
[ ]You’ve heard the song “Got rice?”
[x]You have a tutor
[x] You’ve had pockys or yan yan before
[x] When you seek for your mother’s permission she replies “Ask your dad”


( 1-10= Southerner)
(11-20= American)
(20-30= European)
(31-40= Azn Boy or Girl)

Haha, so this thing is right ;D
(41-50= Super Azn Boy or Girl)


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